The Trial Lawyers Achievement AssociationTM was founded to serve two main interests: (1) to honor and recognize trial lawyers who have achieved exceptional results for their client(s), and (2) to help potential clients find some of America's best attorneys.
Qualifying as a "Million Dollar Member" or "Multi-Million Dollar Member" requires Members to have obtained a settlement, judgment or award of one million dollars or more from a single claim or lawsuit. The organization presently recognizes our Members success in the following Practice Areas:
Business & Commercial Law
Family Law
Labor & Employment Law
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law
Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice
Probate Litigation
Securities Litigation

We proudly recognize all lawyers (i.e., the trial team) who actively participated in the qualifying settlement, judgment, or award. This means that if multiple lawyers from the same law firm or cooperating law firms actively participated in a qualifying settlement, judgment or award, then our organization is proud to accept each lawyer who actively participated in the achievement.

Free lifetime membership for all qualifying Members. Although our Member Benefits page provides greater detail, here is a summary of Member benefits:

Lifetime use of the Trial Lawyers Achievement Association universal logos.
Two lifetime directories.  A General Directory identifying our Members by location, and a Practice Area Directory identfying our Members by Practice Area and location.
Each Member receives in the General and Practice Area directories: a photo, a designation of "Million Dollar Member" or "Multi-Million Dollar Member", a 400 maximum character biography, and the ability to identify up to two board certifications.
Members receive, in both directories, a link back to the Member's website, and a listing of the Member's law firm name.
The ability to identify additional practice areas within the directory listings, and the ability to upgrade from a Million Dollar Member to a Multi-Million Dollar Member (free upgrade and new logo).