Member Benefits

Members of the Trial Lawyers Achievement Association™ receive a lifetime membership and the listed lifetime privileges for a one time fee.  Please consult our Fee Schedule for a listing of all membership fees including fees for the various options and upgrades.

Lifetime Use of Customized & Universal Logos

Each Member is granted a license to use the “Million Dollar Member” and/or “Multi-Million Dollar Member” logo(s) and customized logos on the Member’s website, social networks, print publications, letterhead, and business cards.  Member's wishing to use the logos for purposes not already granted herein may contact us to request permission.  Member's are permitted, at their option, to hyperlink from their website to our website.  We presently offer the following logos in various sizes and formats:

1.  The universal logos of the Trial Lawyers Achievement Association™.  The various sizes and formats of the universal logo will be accessible to each Member within the Member's dashboard.  The dashboard is accessible after becoming a Member.

2.  Each Member will receive a customized logo, rounded down to the nearest hundred thousand dollars, reflecting the value of the Member’s qualifying case.  Customized logos in multiple sizes will be accessible to each Member within the Member's dashboard.  

Lifetime Membership Designation, Photo, Lawyer Bio., & Board Certified Designation(s)

Within the General and Practice Area directories, each Member receives the designation of either “Million Dollar Member” or “Multi-Million Dollar Member,” the ability to post a photo, a maximum 400 character biography, a first year complimentary web address link and law firm listing, and the ability to designate up to two board certifications.  Member biographies, as explained below, may not contain a web address link or the law firm name.  See Directory Listing.

Members choosing not to publish a photo and/or biography still receive a lifetime listing in the General and Practice Area directories along with the membership designation.  Members choosing not to publish a photo will receive an appropriate gender Avatar.

Two (2) Lifetime Directory Listings

Each Member receives a listing in the General Directory by location (e.g., U.S. state) and a listing in the Practice Area Directory by Practice Area and location.  

Website Link & Law Firm Listing

Each Member receives their first year a web link back to the Member’s website and a listing of the Member’s law firm name.  The Member’s website link and law firm listing will appear in both of the Member’s directories. Members may renew at their option their website link and law firm name listing for an annual fee of $250.

Optional Benefits & Upgrades

I.   Upgrading Membership to Multi-Million Dollar Member

Million Dollar Members may upgrade to a Multi-Million Dollar Member by certifying the new qualifying settlement, judgment or award and paying a one time upgrade fee of $500.  The upgrade fee includes rights to the Multi-Million Dollar Member logo as well as a customized logo for the new qualifying case and a re-designation in the directory listings as a Multi-Million Dollar Member. 

II.  Upgrading Customized Logos With New Dollar Value 

If an existing Million Dollar Member or Multi-Million Dollar Member achieves a qualifying settlement, judgment or award in the future which surpasses the existing value of the current customized logo, then the Member may obtain a new customized logo with the higher value by certifying the new qualifying value and paying a one time fee of $250 (e.g., a Multi-Million Dollar Member with a judgment of $2.0 million later achieves a higher value of $3.3 million).

III. Additional Directory Listings  

Members who have qualified in more than one Practice Area may purchase additional lifetime Practice Area directory listings by certifying the additional Practice Area and paying a one time fee of $250 (e.g., a Member can be listed in multiple Practice Area directories such as Personal Injury and Probate as long as the Member qualifies in each Practice Area).